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The goal of this source of information is to distribute knowledge about many of the most interesting fields within modern science. Cosmologica tries to inspire the laity and students to get more involved in science and pursue more advanced study. This is done by presenting different subjects within science seperately in a historical viewpoint and weaving the subjects together with hyperlinks incorporating information about the scientists, other subjects and references.

To the author of this home page it is evident that the creator has created this Universe with the purpose that intelligent life should emerge and evolve throughout the galaxies. Cosmologica tries to convey the background for this assertion. This is attempted by going through the sciences of general relativity, cosmology, the stars, black holes etc. The separate sections can be looked through sequentially or from the viewpoints of the scientists. The sections can to a certain extent also be traversed using the links between sections. A section about quantum gravity, in the form of M-theory and superstring theory, is under development. Plans for sections about galaxies, cosmogony (theory of solar systems) and emergence of life in progress.

Cosmologica is not a formal academic treatise. Therefore, a complete set of references are not presented in every instance. In most cases when the exact source of the information is not stated, the source can still be found in the reference section of the subject line.

Remember that the information on these pages are under constant development and that information of high quality is a cumbersome task to accomplish. If you have knowledge and information that you would like to share, and if you think that this information is suitable for Cosmologica, please contact me. If you think that any scientist is badly presented, or not presented at all, I'm glad to receive biographies (that are cumbersome to compile).

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