About the author and history of Cosmologica

Me, Christian Målmark, is originally from Anderstorp, Småland, in the south of Sweden and was born in 1973. I have had astronomy as a big interest from an early age and I like to write on the computer. From about 1989, I started writing about the Solar system, stars, cosmology and scientists in a word processor. My thesis in college was titled "Stjärnorna" ("The Stars") and dealt with the stars. This thesis now is the foundation of the section about the stars on Cosmologica.

When I started studying at the University of Växjö in 1992 on the mathematical-computertechnology program, I also started reading scientific articles. This was everthing from "Scientific American" to "Astrophysics Journal. I the summer of 1995 I read Kip Thorne's "Black Holes and Time Warps - Einstein's outrageous Legacy", maybe the best book I've read of any category. The year after, in 1996, I started the home page at the student domain of Växjö University. Soon, inspired by Thornes book, I started writing about black holes and space exploration in the swedish language under the name "Kosmologika". A lot of time and effort was put into the home page in the academic year of 1996-97. The section about cosmology was written strongly influenced by the work of Andrei Linde. The master thesis at the university was about general relativity and resulted in the section about geometrodynamics.

In November the 2nd of 1998 i started working at Ericsson in Mölndal, Gothenburg, with radio links after having done military service and arbetslös unemployed for one day. Much less time was put on Cosmologica for the benefit for my work and an other big passion, bicycling. After a very short racing carieer career in 2001 (36th on the senior version of Solleröloppet (Lance Armstrong participated in the elite verion of this race in 1993), first on Hallandsloppet, which is the fifth biggest race for excercise bicyclists in Sweden and 9h01m on Vätternrundan) I have put somewhat more time on the home page. In the year of 2002, Växjö University closed my home page area and I moved it to an IP at Telia with a mnemonically worthless DNS. In Januari of 2004 the price erosion for high quality home pages had been so great that I bought one at B-one.net (I can really recommend this Danish operator) the adress www.kosmologika.net.

After having seen the Nova filmatisation of Brian Greene's "The elegant Universe", I tries to plunge into the theory of superstrings and it's relatively new history. When not working with the home page in my spare time, I excercise on one of my bikes, or drives my Kawasaki Z750 motorcycle, preferably on a racetrack or the Tuesday rides with Kortedala MK. I also like driving cars and carts. My latest favorite computer game is GTR.

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